tapioca drink

Today I went to american village and bought 2 tapioca drink.

   First I went to 7973cafe.It was sweet and yummy

Next I went to Hold By Hand.It was yummy.

The size was 0.9cm.(7973cafe)

And this was 1cm.(Hold BY Hand)

 I love Hold By Hand’s tapioca drink.


I went to Yomitan Radio!

I talk about my robot!

I ate shaved ice!

I used micro:bit!

I made a boat!

It was hard to make ↓

My dad took ↓

fish too!

WE made smoking!

It got like this!!!!!

We made Takoyaki !

We went to prosthetic foot factory!!!

It was my 10th Birthday!!!

I got switch!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am happy!


I’m going to be 4th grade!!!!!!

24th september’s Dairy

Today I made slime. I use laundry glue,borax water,shaving cream.

We ate Porcupine fish❣My dad cooked this↓

 We did my sister’s b-day!

   This was my snack.

I did a scientific experiment.

I love experiment.

17th september’s Diary


I went to airport. We went to Kanazawa.

I ate ramen!

I participated in a robot competition!

They judged us!

We went inside the pool at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art!

We ate gold foil ice.

I made parfait!

I ate parfait!

I made robot too!

It was fun!

My Summer vacation 2018 7/23-8/23

I made a rocket!

I made a box!

I learned about Picasso!

I bought a big crape!

I bought a big ice!

I tried trampoline!

I did 2m slide!

I draw a art!

I did MRI.

Soldering is fun!

I boiled egg with solar power!

I made a drink server!

30th June 2018’s Diary

Today I found a new thing.

Our sabani got chin(沈).


I did watermelon splitting.

Then I saw Sabain.


We got kubagasa.

I made seasaa with pottery.

I made small one too.

I made icing cookies.

I got big potato at the yard.

I carried but it was heavy.

The typhoon No.7 is coming!

16th June 2018’s Diary

My yard has strawberry and passion fruit.

I was doing Kumon !

I made Offshore wind power by LEGO WeDo.

Today I made LED earring.

It was soooooooo fun.




Hello my name is Ririka Ogawa.

I start Blog today!

It’s fun!   I like Blog.

Thank You.